Banh Minis

The Isolated Foodie has officially left Rain City and is now living, somewhere not very isolated and without an obvious nickname. I'll get back to you on that one. It was a long and frustrating move and I'm very glad that it's over and even gladder to be in a house with more counter space than I think I've ever had. Well, maybe the Desolationville kitchen had an equal amount of counter space, but I try to block out those seven long months as much as possible.

This kitchen is seeing a lot of new recipes and techniques because of Husband's New Year's resolution to become vegan. I am not particularly interested in becoming vegan, but happy to cut down on dairy and eggs, so I've promised five vegan dinners each week for now. It's been a long time since I bought silken tofu, but it's been a regular player so far this year.

But never mind all that. It's time now for me to mention yet again how much I love good Vietnamese food. I've mentioned it here and here, very specifically, with mentions in many other posts. In particular, I love those minimalist sandwiches known as bahn mi. Still the very best ones I've eaten come from Banh Mi So Number 1 in St. Louis, where we ate with friends on our drive from Rain City to wherever we are now. So, so good. 

I've been making them fairly regularly, although not frequently, over the past couple years. I do quick pickles of some veg (tonight, it was radishes, carrots, and jicama) and do some sort of cooked tofu (tonight, the pressed tofu was dipped in a lemon juice/toasted sesame oil baste and then dredged in nutritional yeast and corn starch before pan-frying).

Last time I made banh mi, there were a few bits of tofu left and not much bread, so Husband made an open faced banh mi on a single slice of baguette and christened it the banh mini. Oh so clever with the words is Husband. Little Girl has been losing teeth recently and has a hard time taking bites of anything that resists biting, so I made her some banh minis. There was leftover rice from our Chinese New Year dinner, though, so she didn't eat much of her thinly sliced bread. 

Her loss is your gain, because here is a picture of a delightful banh mini:

Her loss was also my gain, because I ate this as soon as the picture was taken. Yum! I love banh mi, no matter what size they are!


  1. Wow those look fantastic! And you are such a good sport ~ 5 vegan dinner a week is about what I make too ;) (well, when hungry I'll make a 6th and seventh... and when really hungry I make 3 or 4 a night)

  2. And can I also say :WELCOME BACK Isolated Foodie ! I somehow missed the salt extravaganza and was super excited to read about it !

  3. I figured I should support Husband's interests, right? Most weeks, we already had at least one or two dinners a week that were vegan without trying. Glad you like the salt extravaganza -- it was a good day.


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