Sunday, July 5, 2009

The First Corn

Our "neighbor" who lives a mere 20 miles away has a wonderful garden. He's lived in the same house for over a decade now, so he's had a chance to build up good organics in the soil and to experiment to find what works and what doesn't. His experience is only partly helpful to me because we're more than 2000 feet higher in elevation than he is, so our temperatures and frosts and such are completely different. However, we do benefit from his generosity. Last week, he sent bags of produce home with Husband. Loads of onions and green beans, smaller quantities of other lovelies, and a big bag of corn, picked that afternoon. You can imagine that my dinner plans suddenly involved corn.

I shucked the husks into my sink while boiling the water.

After a very brief bath in the pot, the corn was ready to eat. Some of the kernels were tiny, but still packed great flavor. Butter, salt, and pepper were all they wore. And because corn was the star and Husband loves fake bacon, we just had simple fake bacon sandwiches with the corn. Summer must really be upon us now.


  1. OH, so happy fresh corn is abundant now! For the 4th, I made some baby backs with chili lime corn and crema. BUT, as you've shown, it's best as is when at it's best ..YUM! I'm amazed that a neighbor had room for corn growing (I always think of Nebraska and vast fields)! I always wanted to try it, but don't think it would work on a

  2. I wish I could get corn here. It is really hard to eat locally when you live on a rock in the middle of the ocean. It is mango season... so that makes up for no corn.

  3. Lisa, we have vast spaces around here; they're just desert. My "neighbor" is twenty miles away and has plenty of garden fenced at this point. Chile lime corn and crema sounds delicious!

    Mimi, mangoes do make up for a lot!