Friday, March 6, 2009

The Well-Amended Garden

A couple hundred pounds of coffee grounds, buckets and buckets of cow manure, and a couple garbage bags of grass clippings later and I have garden beds that almost look like decent soil for plants to live in! The one closest to the camera has had the most attention because it will soon get lettuce seedlings. The other three (one's not really in the picture) are better after today's addition of close to a hundred pounds of grounds and only one of them will be planted any time soon because our night temperatures are still pretty cold (29F tonight). One of them will get peas on St Patrick's Day and I'm looking forward to that because the seeds are big enough for Little Girl to really handle and plant.

Little Girl loves the garden. We had a nice warm day this week that brought some of the insects out of hiding. A beetle was nosing around the coffee grounds and LG decided it must like coffee. So wherever the poor beetle went for the next ten minutes, LG kept sprinkling it with coffee grounds if it wasn't already on top of some.

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