Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Yes, this is my get-out-the-vote post. Please, no matter how long the lines are, no matter the weather, go vote tomorrow!

What does a Jack o' Lantern themed cake have to do with voting, you ask? I made it for Husband's work event last week and it was voted best dessert. Besides, you don't want to make that face the day after tomorrow if your candidate loses by only a few votes and YOU didn't make it to the polls. The cake, by the way, is a flourless mocha fudge cake from the Frog Commissary cookbook. Well worth a try; it is easy and delicious.

So get out there and vote! Eat good food while watching the returns come in! Be a good citizen!

(I recently followed another new recipe for a cauliflower bread pudding...I'll try to be a good blogger and share details soon! I really do try to keep up with my blog. I've got garden-to-be pictures somewhere, too.)


  1. You are alive! I was seriously worried. Love the cake. Voting is a go! Hope you come back!

  2. Thanks, Mimi! I am alive (and well), just busy and tortured by my slow internet connection in Desertville. I do intend to be a better about blogging because I do enjoy it.