Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chapter 2: A Belated "Update" On The Finished Product

So, I had thought to post as I proceeded yesterday, but having a toddler underfoot prevents such things from happening sometimes. I ended up not tweaking the recipe, except for the addition of a tablespoon of butter at the very end for extra creaminess. I had my doubts about the tomatoes, but I recognized my own biases; seafood and tomatoes are just not my thing. It might have to do with a lot of time spent on Cape Cod feeling around the sand for clams with my toes. Cape Cod clams do not spend time visiting with tomatoes.

And don't get me wrong...a good tomato is a treasure. I have sixteen of them sitting about five feet from me right now, thanks to the garden-raiding from yesterday. Homegrown tomatoes after two summers in frozen Isolationville -- it's a miracle. We ate five for breakfast.

Back to the risotto-making...I kept the tomatoes in the mix. I'm not sure my liquid adding-and-stirring technique was completely solid and I think I cooked it just a couple minutes longer than I should have, but it was declared a taste success by all who tasted it, especially the new parents. I forgot to take a picture of it, but quite frankly, it wasn't the most photogenic thing I've ever made anyway.

Perhaps the best part was the delivery: we had been there only a few minutes when another B- and S-I-L showed up with their two small ones, making it the first time that all four grandkids were in the same room together. We had a very happy and proud Grandmother and missed only Grandfather, who was still at work.

So there you have it: I followed a recipe for seafood risotto and ended up with...seafood risotto! A good day.


  1. Even if I can't see it, your descriptions are great and it sounds yummy!

  2. I don't think adding butter to risotto is a tweak so much as it just as the universe intends.

  3. Hello again my farflung friend!
    Will you be joining us for Teach a Man to Fish again this year?

    Your salmon dish was on my mind on my recent Cordova AK trip.

    We have lots of great chefs and bloggers joining us this year, only thing missing is you!

  4. Oh, my new email is ldgourmet@gmail.com...I'd love to send you the press release but I'm not sure I have your address still, computer change over...menopause (which I blame for everything now!)