Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Sandwich Festival 2008

Last night, I grilled a bunch of veggies to go with our fairly uninspired mac-n-broccoli-n-cheese that was designed as a meal we could all three eat together. BabyGirl ate one bite of each kind of grilled veg. I think. She did, of course, eat quite a bit of broccoli and the peas that I added to her mac-n-cheese.

I was planning to have leftovers of both for lunch, which is what Husband took to work with him this morning. But then I remembered that there was a sandwich blog event coming up, so I looked that up and decided to have a grilled veggie sandwich instead. So please enjoy the sequence of photos of my entry to the Sandwich Festival 2008, hosted by Food-n-More.

I considered going vegan with my entry, as it would be easy to do with a grilled veggie base, but I've really been loving mayo in hot sandwiches recently. Or I just realized I liked it, at least. So I took a ciabatta-style roll and lightly coated both top and bottom with mayo. Then I layered on grilled red onions, asparagus, and zucchini, added some sliced oil-cured olives and sun dried tomatoes, and topped that with a little sliced mozzarella and red pepper flakes.

In an attempt to make it easier to eat, I grilled it with a cast-iron pan on top to press it down and make it flat. It worked! Very easy to eat -- I surprised myself!

What also surprised me was just how much I loved this sandwich. I expected to like it. I expected it to be a Very Yummy Lunch. What I did not expect was to moan through most of the bites and to revise my dinner plans for tonight. I would be in serious trouble if Husband did not get to partake in this loveliness. He is awfully fond of a good sandwich. So another roll with come out of the freezer as soon as I finish writing this and the mushrooms we were going to have with pasta might become a soup to accompany our sammiches.

This could easily be made vegan by omitting the mayo and cheese or replacing them with vegan versions. It could be vegan and maybe better than the original with a drizzle of basil-blended- with-olive-oil or a white bean spread or both.

And now BabyGirl says, "Why are you making me wait to get up from my nap, you mean blogging mama?"


  1. Thanks for a super entry DJM. I am glad you did not makeit a vegan one coz I just love Mayo and cheese too.

  2. Hey this Sandwich looks great and nutritious too,loved it!!

  3. Thanks, Hetal! I made a similar sandwich the other night. Husband claimed not to be all that hungry, but when I offered this as an option, he said, "Make it now. I could eat one of those ANY time."