Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Haiku Me, Baby!

So, as the winner of last month's Haiku That Blog event, I am the subject of this month's contest. I thought I'd just mention it so that anyone reading this who did NOT follow a link from the contest would have a chance to write a lovely little haiku about my blog. Just seventeen syllables...anyone can do it! If y'all need more information about anything, feel free to ask questions. The only things I won't reveal are the true identities of Isolationville or Desolationville.

In other news, Husband did indeed love the reprise of the grilled veggie sandwiches last week. I love a good sandwich, but Husband might actually outdo me on the sammich-love. Last night, I gave him two good meal options, a main course salad or a sandwich. When I said the S-word, his eyes lit up. I don't have photographic evidence, but last night's dinner was fake-bacon, avocado, lettuce, and chipotle-cheddar sandwiches. Very tasty little beasts they were, too.

I've been working on my garden-to-be. The first time I tried to turn over the soil and incorporate some of my organic goodies, it was as hard as a rock. I'm reasonably strong and I could not get the shovel into the ground at all. So I swallowed my water-thrift-pride for a few days and watered my pile of grass to soften it up. It worked. Yesterday, I was able to get the shovel all the way into the ground and started the process of mixing the grass and coffee grounds into the sand. If only the Starbucks folks would recognize that I really do mean it when I tell them that I'll take absolutely every last speck of used grounds they have. I keep getting there to find that they've thrown out all that lovely stuff.

And finally, for inspiration, my own haiku sense of my blog's essence:

Weather, lack of stores
My food-gathering trials
Cook, isolated


  1. Once upon a time, there lived a brave woman, alone in the Sierra Nevada foothills, who attempted to garden on solid granite... She scraped the decomposing granite together into raised beds, she scraped leaf mold from beneath the scrub manzanita, she built a compost pile and composted everything organic that she could. grew!

    If you know anyone with pasture animals, or even better...a barnyard of any kind...offer to clean up after their animals in trade for that fabulous stuff that's FULL of nitrogen...MANURE!

    Best wishes to you!! At least you CAN dig! *big grin*

  2. 'Tis true, I CAN dig. Solid rock gardening is impressive! I just was reminded today that I do actually have a relatively close source of horse manure. Not as good as a cow, but I'll take it!

    So far, my five inches of grass clippings and coffee grounds has actually made something that resembles an organic soil.

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and must say how delighted I am to read it. I am so very impressed by the magnitude of culinarians I have found online. your pictures are remarkable as well.

  4. Thanks, Mimi. I enjoyed seeing your blog. I keep trying to convince Husband that the US Virgin Islands would be a great place for us, but he's not biting so far.