Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So Good To Cook Again

Between the move and the travels and the lack of even an Isolationville-sized grocery store here in Desolationville, I feel as if I haven't really cooked more than a few meals here and there for months. This week has been better, though. I've been making an effort to get planned dinners on the table every night and it's mostly worked. Last night was grilled asparagus (in season in this state right now) and a passable attempt at shrimp fried rice. It needed higher heat, of course, and my plan to use the big side burner on our grill failed because of ridiculously high winds.

A few nights ago, I was feeling the need to use up some eggs. I made a layered omelet (I like them, ok?) with some soy-based Italian sausage, sundried tomatoes, capers, and cream cheese. It wasn't the prettiest one I've ever made because the sausage chunks were too big and I should really have had one more egg. We ate it with creamed spinach and toasted slices of some whole-grain rolls I had in the freezer. It was a nice comfort meal.

Now the big question is what (and how -- secret shopping doesn't work well in our current situation) do I plan for Husband's birthday, which is coming up next week. I'm thinking that I'll take a cake to his work, but the dinner is still completely unplanned.

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