Thursday, April 24, 2008

Haiku and A Healthy Eater

I really, truly am trying to blog more regularly here. I just got back from a long trip and my cooking has not been particularly inspirational recently. My camera has been hard at work taking pictures of wildflowers instead of food. My most humble apologies!

But today, I perused the food blog event calendar a little, and found a few things of interest, so with luck, I'll get some new pictures up soon. In the meantime, I wrote a short haiku for the Haiku That Blog event. Entries are placed as comments to the announcement, but here is my haiku representing Lunch Bucket Bento:

A blog of boxes
Small containers, filled just so
Lunch, separated.

In other news, BabyGirl, who is now not so much a baby as a toddler-on-a-mission, has decided that green vegetables are the BEST THING EVER. This phase, which I'm sure will be short-lived, started about two weeks ago when she grabbed green beans off my plate while completely ignoring her cheese ravioli. Tonight, I made her pasta with peas and broccoli and cheese sauce (with mustard...I have to make up for the low-salt somehow). She painstakingly picked out every single pea, including those that had stuffed themselves into the shells, then ate about half the broccoli, and then deigned to eat some of the pasta, too.

Watching a toddler with cheesy fingers try to pry peas out of medium-sized shells is priceless, by the way. Very determined little beings, they are.

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