Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Slightly Less Isolated Foodie Returns

After months of silence (including some silence from my actual kitchen), I'm hoping to get back to blogging here regularly. Since my last post, we moved a few thousand miles from the distant shores of nowhere to just about the dead center of nowhere. So, an improvement, right?!

Well, maybe. Instead of an hour and a half flight to the nearest real supermarket, etc., it's now just over an hour's drive to not only a supermarket, but a Trader Joe's, a Chinatown, a CITY. This is a deceiving blessing. Because I can get good produce in an easy day trip, I feel like I should, like I have to, like it's preordained that I should do so on a regular basis. Thus, our new car has almost ten thousand miles on it in four months. Husband's 70-mile-a-day commute has helped, too, of course, but the fact that many weekends see us doing 200 mile road trips to shop doesn't help.

Our new town is about the same size as our old town, just over 500 people. It's very, very different in all other ways. In Isolationville, the biggest employers were the federal and state governments. Here, in what I'm dubbing Desolationville, the biggest employer by far is the fast food industry because Desolationville is a pit-stop on an interstate highway. I've gone from having one year-round restaurant to having more than a dozen; they just aren't the kind of restaurants I'd typically choose. On the plus-side, our traditional Junk Food Night has a whole new sense of self here. Isolationville, as you all know, was on the tundra. Desolationville is in the heart of the desert. There will be no wild salmon or gallons of berries to pick here.

I had none of my own kitchen stuff for the first month we were here and still haven't quite settled in to the kitchen. It's a fine kitchen. I HATE the counter-top, but there is a lot of it, so I can't complain too much. I'm finally cooking with gas again, which makes me happy, and there's a decent view from the kitchen, which helps ease the pain of giving up my river views from my kitchen in Isolationville.

Anyway. I'm back. I hope to get some new posts about food up and running soon. My cooking needs a kick in the butt and joining food blog events is one of the best kicks out there.


  1. Glad you're back, I'd almost given up. Tell us more.

  2. Wow...well, this is some good encouragement to start posting again. People actually read it! Thank you for the motivation!