Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Am A Bad Blogger

It's amazing. I go away. I stay in houses with internet access, kitchens, and access to actual stores. With good food and produce. And I don't blog the whole time I'm away.

So, to start: the news. In about a month, I will become the Not-So-Isolated-Foodie. Oh, I'll still live in a tiny town (just under a thousand, as compared to 400 now), but it's a tiny town connected to ROADS. Roads that lead to Big Cities.

Many people, upon hearing the news, have immediately said, "You must be so excited to be getting out of Isolationville!!" But, I'm not. I like Isolationville. I love parts of life as an Isolated Foodie. The food situation is not really one of the parts I love, especially now, returning from the land of plenty to the land of empty shelves (no milk at the store for the first couple days we got back, for example). But I will miss the endless views and the long sunsets over the river and the river itself, always beautiful and always changing (we're close enough to the coast that the river has significant tides). I will miss our friends and the quiet pace of life. I will miss our house that we've just finished settling into. I will miss the amazing seasonality of life here, with the boisterous summers of salmon and bears and berries and the huge calm of winter.

Life goes on. While not excited about leaving this life, I am excited about our new life ahead. We will go from tundra to desert, quite the change. I am eagerly anticipating learning to cook in a solar oven because there will be four months of the year that I will do whatever I can to avoid cooking much of anything indoors. A grill and a trusty solar oven will be my closest cooking friends, I think. Those and the year-round farmers' market that is, admittedly, a little over an hour away. But that's an hour by CAR, not airplane. I can do that. At least every other week.

During my break from blogging due to travel, I did eat some wonderful food, visit farmers' markets, and make a gazillion truffles as my contribution to a homemade wedding. Double truffle boxes as the wedding favors, so two kinds. A very plain chocolate ganache truffle, coated in chocolate cookie crumbs, and an espresso-bean-and-lemon-infused ganache coated in crushed praline pecans. They went over very well.

And now, I have to start planning a month of meals designed to use up my stores of food. I should do a full inventory, especially of the frozen treat type foods, and really plan this, but I probably won't.

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