Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Week of Guests and Salmon

Ah, so woefully behind! Good friends came to visit for almost a week -- yes, all the way out here in Isolationville! (I told you they were good friends!) Their visit followed a weekend of salmon, salmon, salmon, and this all adds up to having no time to blog.

So here's a bit of a roundup of the last week:

Last Saturday, we did a little salmon netting with friends and came home with six big, beautiful salmon, caught about a mile from salt water. Some of one became dinner, some went in the freezer, and some bathed themselves in smoke for many hours before joining their friends in the deep-freeze. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of this yet. Our camera is once again gone walkabout.

Monday, our friends arrived, including a 3 1/2 year old. We dined on fresh salmon, roasted potatoes, and zucchini the first night. Breakfast the next day was English muffins with cream cheese and two kinds of smoked salmon, plain and peppered. Both were appreciated.

On Wednesday, our kitchen reverted to fish processing central after Visiting Friend caught two gorgeous king salmon (our netted fishies were sockeyes). Most of that went straight into vacuum packs and the freezer so they could transport it home to Pennsylvania at the end of their visit. A bit became dinner. Some filleting scraps did a very quick brine-and-smoke to become a quite-delicate smoked salmon that was part of two breakfasts later in the visit.

Thursday, we were out adventuring with nature and our picnic-style lunch consisted of, among other goodies, a loaf of The Bread, more smoked salmon, Maytag blue cheese, olives, sliced red peppers, avocado, and crackers. Visiting Friend caught a lovely sockeye, which was promptly filleted, brined, and smoked overnight, some plain, some peppered, so it would be at least partly frozen by yesterday afternoon when they hopped the first of their three flights home.

Friday required a late afternoon snack of reasonable proportions to keep the travelers hale and hearty until dinner in the next airport, so we had a reprise of the blueberry cornbread shortcake concoction.

And now it's Saturday and I have to decide if I'm still going to try to make a sorbet this weekend, just under the deadline, or if I'll move on to a different food blog event.

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