Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bagel Dreams

I see that the best part of having people comment on my blog is following a link back to their blogs and seeing the wonderful things they've been cooking. In particular, I've seen a few of the Daring Bakers' bagel challenge over the past week. Today, I got to see the bagel party that is featured on My Kitchen in Half Cups. So much fun!

I admit to being a bit of a bagel snob. I have New York roots and a good bagel is a thing of glory. A bad bagel? At best, a decent roll. At worst, a conglomeration of bits from so many different baked goods without the glories of any of the constituent parts. When I first moved to the city I called home before moving to Isolationville, I was delighted to see lots of bagels displayed at the local chain of bakeries. Until I looked at the flavors. Blueberry, the clearly and rightly despised bane of bagels mentioned in the commentary that goes with the Daring Bakers' bagel recipe, was not even the worst.

Dutch Apple Crumb.

Three words that should never be associated with a bagel, and yet I kid you not. They made and sold Dutch Apple Crumb bagels. I still shudder. And yet what did they not have? A good, old-fashioned onion bagel. No garlic, either. What's the world coming to?

The various Daring Bakers make bagel making look so fun and easy that I need to try it myself. I've wanted to for quite a while, but this is the motivation I needed. We, of course, cannot get real bagels here in Isolationville. Thomas's and Lender's are the bagels on offer, and those hardly qualify. And they come in blueberry, too. So, with any luck at all, I'll soon be posting some bagel commentary of my own.

And, of course, enjoying the bagels with my own smoked salmon!

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