Monday, June 4, 2007

When Asparagus Comes to Town

Produce is expensive, limited, and past its prime in Isolationville, so it's always a treat when someone leaves for a little while and comes back bearing fresh, interesting veggie treats. Most recently, a friend went to The City for some dental work and returned with asparagus in return for some cat care I did. I had planned pizza for that night, so asparagus pizza it was!

I had a head of roasted garlic in the fridge, so I broke the cloves up with my fingers and spread that around the crust. On went a layer of freshly grated parmesan. That went into the oven until the cheese was about to brown. Meanwhile, I had lightly steamed some of the asparagus and cut the stalks in half lengthwise. The asparagus went on the pizza with a light topping of grated mozzarella. Then back in the oven to finish off. It was very tasty and looked very spring-like. A nice touch, because this was a little over a week ago and Isolationville was most definitely NOT looking spring-like. It is now and that makes my heart happier.

Also in the happy heart department, my lettuce mix and spicy greens mix are sprouted and about to have their first true leaves. Salad! Salad is a few weeks in my future! The herbs haven't shown themselves yet, but they've all got longer germination periods than the greens, so I'm not too surprised. Husband and I are very fond of big dinner salads with cold cooked potato, hard boiled eggs, cold grilled fish, olives, etc, in many different combinations, so it will be nice to have options beyond the tired iceberg and romaine available in Isolationville's grocery.

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