Monday, June 11, 2007

Popcorn and Chocolate Chips

The title isn't a recipe suggestion, just a description of my evening snacking. I just can't get it together recently to cook real food, which sucks. I've been working until 6, coming home and feeding Baby Girl and getting her to sleep. Then I go next door to play with and feed the NeighborDog (taking my baby monitor with me!). And then I get to feed myself.

So tonight, I started with an English muffin with salsa and pepperjack. And a big glass of juice. That wasn't so bad. Then I moved on to some freshly popped, very lightly buttered popcorn. Also not that bad. Not that great, either, but as snack foods go, it's a decent option. Then I started dipping into the monster bag of chocolate chips. Dumb move. They're addictive. I had fruit at breakfast and veggies at lunch, so overall, the day wasn't a complete loss nutritionally speaking, but I am a nursing mama and I feel that I should be eating better. I'm just having trouble finding the energy.

The saddest part is that I love veggies. I love salads. I love fruit. I just can't get decent versions of such things here in Isolationville and so I have to be creative to get my basic five-a-day. In summer, I usually have no trouble getting ten-a-day, but here, it just doesn't happen naturally. I have to work at it and some days, it just doesn't happen.

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