Sunday, June 3, 2007

More on The Bread

As noted in the previous post, many serious foodies have read about or tried the NYTimes no-knead bread already. If you haven't read about it, or haven't yet given it a try, here's what the result looks like. This was probably my seventh or eighth loaf. Isn't she a beauty?

I made a loaf the other day and we ate it with roasted garlic and pesto smeared all over the slices. The pesto is part of my anti-Isolationville-food-boredom stash of very strong flavors. Food choices are limited here, so anything that can provide variety and spice are most welcome. Some of my other must-have items in this category are very good olive-cured olives, dried chiles and chipotle in adobo, tubes of ginger and anchovy paste, Thai curry paste, a variety of potent Asian condiments, and powdered lime juice and coconut milk. A well-filled spice drawer courtesy of Penzey's helps out, too. My freezer holds little blister packs of basil, cilantro, and parsley from Trader Joe's, which definitely are not nearly as good as the real thing, but when there's no other option, they'll do. Those get carted around in a cooler through several flight changes any time I return to Isolationville from anywhere that has a Trader Joe's remotely nearby.

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