Monday, June 4, 2007

The Joys of Fake Meats

Eating a (mostly) vegetarian diet here in Isolationville isn't always easy. For example, our grocery hasn't carried cheese frozen pizzas in months. And sometimes, I have to admit, Husband and I just want to toss a frozen pizza in the oven on a Friday night. There's no pizza joint, and I don't always want to make pizza from scratch. Besides, I actually think of frozen pizzas as a completely different food group; let's face it, it isn't really pizza.

But that isn't the point. The point is that we eat a fair variety of meat-substitutes. Large coolers of frozen foods as checked luggage are part of our lives. Our freezer contains reasonable quantities of Morningstar Farms, Boca, and Quorn products. Tonight's meal combined two of them. We had a lovely avocado ready to be eaten, thanks to Baby Girl's fondness for avocado in her new role as a solid-food eater. I may not be willing to pay through the nose for an avocado just for Husband and me, but Baby Girl gets special treatment. She ate a little mashed avocado thinned out with a little breast milk (TMI? So sorry!). We ate French bread rolls (kind of insipid, but they are the right shape and weren't so bad once I crisped them up in the oven) with a mayo/roasted garlic combo, avocado, Quorn chicken breast replacement, and Morningstar Farms bacon. Mmm-mmmmm good! Now that was a sandwich! A side of roasted potatoes and onions rounded out the meal. Sorry there's no picture; it wasn't the most photogenic of meals.

Sorry also for the brand-name fest. I'm not much for providing free advertising, but there are real differences in quality of texture and flavor among the various brands and the sandwiches wouldn't have been the same with different products.

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