Friday, June 15, 2007

Food Bargains Come to Isolationville

I can't quite remember if I kept the post that discusses the cost of food here in Isolationville. I claim my coming-of-age ceremony here as the day when my reaction to my grocery bill was, "Is that it? Really?" That's in deep contrast to my previous reaction, which was always, "How the hell can five items cost that much?!?" I noticed yesterday that milk has gone up. It's now $7.89/gallon. Not that there were any gallon containers, mind you. That shelf space was barren. The half-gallon I bought for Husband (Baby Girl objects when I drink fresh milk) was $5.09.

So imagine my thrill when my bill came to only 38 bucks and change! I had bought (for Friday junk food nights) four cheese pizzas, a big beautiful red pepper, three zucchini, four jalapenos (hmmm...I'll bet I can use diacritical marks if I spent two minutes learning how; I'll save that for next time), a package of onion rolls, and the aforementioned, not cheap half-gallon of milk. For under forty dollars. I was babbling to the check-out girl, I was so happy about my savings.

Understand that normally, those four pizzas by themselves would have set me back more than forty dollars. They were way, way, way on sale, which is where all the savings came in. Each of those little pizza puppies would normally have been around 11 bucks, but they were on sale for two for ten dollars. And they actually had cheese pizzas. They haven't had plain cheese pizzas any time I've checked in the last three months. It was serendipity.

How sad is it that my food purchasing thrill of the week is that I got cheap frozen pizzas? I mean, a frozen pizza as a very occasional guilty pleasure is one thing, but it's a sorry state of affairs that I'm this excited about FROZEN PIZZAS. I feel like my secret foodie identity card is going to be taken away if this continues. Right now, I'm living on the credit I built up through years of growing a lot of food, making tons of stuff from scratch, introducing new people to my former home's food secrets, and just generally being obsessed with food on many levels. I did make The Bread yesterday. And I've got lettuce that will be ready to harvest in about a week. But the cheap frozen pizza thrill is taking a serious bite out of my credentials.

But until I exit Isolationville, I say, pass the red pepper flakes and dig in!

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